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About RiskTrak International

At RiskTrak International (RTI) our extensive consulting and training experience with both private and public sector organizations convinced management of the need for research, techniques, and tools to aid in project risk management. We have invested heavily in research and development to further advance RiskTrak™ our risk management tool

Ethics & Standards

We subscribe to the highest ethical standards. In a privately funded research project, we performed investigations and numerous interviews, to formulate our system of risk management. We interviewed our clients, program managers, project managers purchasing agents, copyright lawyers, sales managers, marketing managers, software managers, software designers, SQA engineers, test engineers, internalization experts and many others. This includes working relationships with several noted authors and experts in risk management.

Research & Development

From these subject matter experts we developed a system for managing the risks in each sector of business and product development cycle. We created a very exciting tool and process for performing risk identification, assessment, and management. We developed this tool because we immediately realized that industry lacked any such guardian device for true program / project risk management.

Studies have shown, that as projects grow in size and complexity, risk management becomes an essential factor in the overall success of a project or program. Our risk management software tool RiskTrak™ has been designed to be easily integrated into existing project, and program methodologies. We have developed the most advanced tool and process available for the management of risk.

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