RiskTrak International Employment

We are constantly “on the hunt” for those unique employees that can add value to the company. If you feel that your qualifications match our needs please contact us.

Positions available

Position: Web/Client Developers

Description: This position requires a deep knowledge of JavaScript and CSS (the productized Styles and Graphics would be supplied by a Graphic Artist). It is the responsibilities of this position to design, build, and maintain the client side APIs and applications. Ideally has experience with ASP.NET AJAX 1.0, Ext, and YUI APIs, Web services and AJAX. This position also includes development of non-browser base clients as well such as MS Project and Outlook for example. .Net experience would then also be a required. And in addition this position is responsible for the developing and marinating the Imports/Exports.

Requirements: TBD

Position: Middle tier/DB Developers

Description: The position is responsible for the designing, developing, and maintaining the middle tier and server side API’s plus domain specific business logic. For example, using SQL Server Reporting services to expose Reporting functionality in the middle tier where as a “Project Rollup” method an example of “Domain specific” business logic. The position requires extensive knowledge of the .Net frameworks and SQL Server database development plus ASP.NET 2.0 and Web services.

Requirements: TBD

Position:QA/Build Engineers

Description: This position is responsible for designing, developing, and executing automated test procedures for the entire product. This includes the T-SQL and CLR database APIs, the middle tier and Web servers APIs, and the client side APIs and applications. Plus develop manual test scripts for the non-automatable logic repeatable human processing. The position also includes developing and maintaining build scripts and will maintain the source code control system. In addition the position will develop and maintain the installers.

Requirements: TBD

For non-technical personnel, the following individuals need to be hired:

Position: Marketing Specialists

Description: This position will assist the business development staff with creation of sales literature and marketing campaign strategies. These new hires will interact with outside graphic development firms and a website refresh project.

Requirements: TBD

Position: Sales Executives

Description: Immediate need is for two highly seasoned sales executives. The sale of our products will mainly be done at the Director or “C” suite level. This based upon a clear business case of increased management visibility and ROI calculations. The right salespeople are critical to the success of this project.

Requirements: TBD