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By boslercw

Corporate / Management Consultant (semi-Retired)

Mr. Bosler has been on the cutting edge of the high technology arena, specifically in the area of Aviation electronics (Avionics), for over 30 years. During that time, he was involved with every major electronic countermeasures program deployed to protect America's airmen. He led the way toward improving today's technology for the future: from his distinguished service in the U.S. Marine Corps, to completion of several Foreign Military contracts for aviation support equipment; to deriving the support equipment requirements for the U.S. Navy and Air Force, next generation aircraft. The tactical aircraft that will be used well into the new millennium. Mr. Bosler is apioneer in the area of tactical electronic countermeasures and the support equipment necessary to ensure mission success.
Charles Bosler, is an active contributor to the American Project Management Forum (APMF), the Global Project Management Forum(GPMF), as well as, the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) and the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). Mr. Bosler is often asked to lend his experience and expertise to the Department of Defense (DoD), the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), and the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC). He serves on many standing committees such as, the Standards Committee of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Mr. Bosler is deeply involved with the Project Management Institute (PMI), where he brought many years of project management experience to the PMI Board of Directors as the ASC Board Relations Representative and to the office of Chairman of the PMI Risk Management Specific Interest Group (www.risksig.com). He is a Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM), as certified by the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) and the National Bureau of Management Consultants (NBMC).

He co-authored a textbook on Risk Management and corresponding course of instruction for the International Management Forum (IMF) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). In addition to his work with International committee that revised the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) Guide, he also edited the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) textbook on Risk Management.

Mr. Bosler is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he was an aviation maintenance officer. Before his retirement from the Marine Corps, President Ronald Reagan honored him for volunteerism and his work in the community. Mr. Bosler was selected by the Navy League of the United States, and hailed as the "Most Inspirational Leader in the Marine Corps" in 1986. He received the Gerald C. Thomas award from the Honorable John H. Dalton, Secretary of the Navy. Mr. Bosler was honored as Legionnaire of the Year 1987, by the American Legion. Mr. Bosler is also a subject of Biographical record in, Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America 1992, the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs 1998, and Who’s Who in the World 2000.

Mr. Bosler holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Physics.

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