RiskTrakTM Professional Risk Management Software

RiskTrak™ is a Windows-based risk management software tool designed to help you analyze, manage and report risk in your organization. RiskTrak™ implements a proven, repeatable, risk management process and has been designed to easily integrate into existing project or program methodologies. As projects grow in size and complexity, risk management becomes a key factor in the overall success of a project or program. With RiskTrak™ management has the opportunity to pro-actively manage risks.

RiskTrak™ provides an integrated project management process that provides a complete solution for your organizations project, program, and business needs. RiskTrak™ has many features that can not be found in any other product on the market today. Evaluation software is available for a 30-day trial period.

With RiskTrak™ you can always understand what and where the high risk factors are and know they are being managed. At the project level, the Project Manager can consistently analyze and account for risks and communicate those risks to management. We are always available to answer your questions by by telephone (+1 301-754-0063) or e-mail ( 

RiskTrak™ is useful for all levels of the organization. RiskTrak™ can be used by executives to assure management that the risks have been accounted for in critical areas of a program, and analyze new opportunities. RiskTrak™ at the program level ensures consistency across all projects and provides the ability to communicate and track risks. If you need additional resources, our consultants are available to help you.

How RiskTrak™ differs from other project management software:

  1. Project Management software presently available is geared to managing schedules. RiskTrak™ is a Program/project-level tool designed specifically to identify, report and manage risks across your organization, connecting team members over your existing network.
  2. Unlike other Risk Analysis software that’s on the market, RiskTrak™ is an enterprise-wide risk management tool, not just a schedule, or number-crunching program.
  3. RiskTrak™ is free standing network software, not an add-on program, and runs on any Windows platform.

Key Benefits

  •  Mature product 
  •  Easy to use – “drag-n-drop” interface
  •  Scalable and customizable
  •  Fully encrypted polymorphic database
  •  Robust SQL engine
  •  Secure audit trail


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