RiskTrakTM Features

Now available! VERSION 4.5.3 Now available!

How RiskTrak differs from other project management software …

  1. Project Management software presently available is geared to managing schedules. RiskTrak is a project/program-level tool designed specifically to identify, report and manage risks across your organization, connecting team members over your existing network.
  2. Unlike other Risk Analysis software that’s on the market, RiskTrak is an enterprise-wide Risk Management tool, not just a number-crunching program.
  3. RiskTrak is free standing network software, not an add-on program, and runs on any Windows platform.

RiskTrak Professional Features

        Encrypted Polymorphic Project DatabaseX
      RiskTrak Introductory Interview ExpertX
            SEI Taxonomy Interview ExpertsX
       EMU/Euro RiskTrak Interview ExpertX
Top-level Graphical ChartsX
MFC Drag & DropX
Multiple Risk MitigationsX
Assessment & Detail ReportsX
Secure Audit TrailX
Clipboard Cut & PasteX
Context-sensitive F1 HelpX
SQL EngineX
Export Data (*.CSV)X
Attach files to risks and mitigationsX
Networking CapabilityX
Network Notifications & IntrayX
Security/User PermissionsX
Automated Risk Management ReportX
      Direct Import of MS Project *.MPX FilesX
ODBC Import & Mapping of *.CSV FilesX
Split-screen SQL ViewX
Export Project Files to other media X
Multi-project QueriesX
Extensible Database
(User-Defined Fields)