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RiskTrak International (RTI) enables companies to better assess uncertainties in their organization. Our software tool RiskTrak™ aids them in identification, definition, estimation and analyses of those uncertainties, which improves their competitive position.

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Our Mission

At RiskTrak International we believe that Risk Management is the key area in the future success of business and Project Management in the 21st century. Our Product, RiskTrak™ is based on the most current concepts in risk management. RiskTrak™ is specifically designed to effectively track identified risks and risk mitigation actions, then communicate mid-course adjustments to the project team.

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Company Profile

RiskTrak International designs and develops software that manages all forms of business risk on a project, program, or enterprise level. We enable companies to better assess uncertainties in their organization. Our software tools aid them in identification, definition, estimation and analysis of those uncertainties, which improves their competitive position. We are a stand-alone solution, not just a Microsoft Project™ add-on. RiskTrak™ is customizable and extensible to any industry. Our Subject Matter Expert Generator allows organizations to leverage corporate “tribal” knowledge to create RiskTrak™ Interview Experts (i.e., electronic questionnaires) to establish and implement company standards for risk tolerance and management. RiskTrak™ gives complete project, program, or enterprise-wide risk / opportunity visibility to management. We have numerous success stories of clients who use our original product; some notable ones are the corrective program to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, the Brazilian National Oil Company Petrobras enterprise-wide solution and the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Project in Washington D.C.

RiskTrak International is a small business concern in the high technology arena, involved with risk management consulting services, software development, and systems design. RTI has experience consulting with both large and small companies. Under the direction of Charles W. Bosler Jr., CPCM RTI has been spending its own research dollars to further advance its risk management system and consulting practice. From this research we developed a comprehensive risk management system. At RTI, we believe that we have developed the most advanced tool in the industry for the management of project risk.


“We needed a tool that was flexible enough to be used by individual projects but still could be used enterprise-wide. We found it in RiskTrak. One of our missions is to track and monitor every risk identified by our risk management process. RiskTrak is of great value in completing the closed loop processes that are necessary to better understand your project or enterprise.”
Steve Smith
AT&T Global Information Systems

“I must say that RiskTrak has been a lot of help to me. I was able to address the bulk of the project risks while still undergoing contract negotiation with the client, and brought down the project risks from a 67% level to 24% even before the project really got started.”

Nordin Othman
Sapura Advanced Systems

“Excellent risk management course. Highly recommended.”
Jerry Baldwin
United States Air Force

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