RiskTrak™ Product and Process Training

This service provides extensivetraining to the Program/Project Managers and engineering staff, on how to implement RiskTrak’sIDEA Process (Identify, Define, Estimate, andAnalyze) utilizing the RiskTrak™ Risk Management Software. All of our consulting and training services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Key Benefits

  • World-class Experts
  • Broad-based Experience
  • Focused on Risk Management


RTI personnel review specific programs, interview key personnel and instruct management on the benefits of the IDEA process and the utility of the RiskTrak™ software at the client’s facility. This consulting service covers the following IDEA processes/procedures and how to implement them into the organization:

  • An in-depth examination of the mechanics and applications of the IDEA Process covering Risk Identification, Definition, Estimation and Analysis disciplines
  • A systematic approach to applying these Risk Management disciplines to the program requirements using the RiskTrak™ software
  • “On-the-Job” analysis of customer existing programs with instruction on how to input program requirements into RiskTrak™ and help implementing the IDEA process into the customer’s existing management environment.
  • Assist the Program/Project Managers and engineering personnel to utilize RiskTrak™ and generate project specific output reporting (i.e., management strategy alternatives, root cause analyses, and weighted cost/schedule reports, etc.)

RTI Personnelmeet in forum with customer Program/Project Personnel, as well as, “interview while walking around” to determine key areas of risk for the specific Program and/or Projects. RTI helps them to implement the IDEA process using RiskTrak™ to mitigate, or retire them. RTI will also recommend areas of RiskTrak™ that can be customized for their specific program requirements, if necessary.Basic Risk Management (Typically 2 days) In order to assure that everyone is “on the same page” with regards to international standards, the methodology and the process of risk management, it is often best to “kick-off” your risk management program with this short course.   RiskTrak Classroom Instruction (Typically 1 day) We believe that we have created a tool that can be learned quickly and easily while working “on-the-job” however, sometimes it is cost effective to begin with a short course of instruction to shorten the learning curve. In this course we cover the academics of the software, its architecture and use.   RiskTrak “Hands-on” Software Training(Typically 1 day) As the title indicates, this course is actually putting the newly learned skills into practice in real time. The course covers everything from installation, to daily use and is an introduction to advanced concepts. This course reinforces the classroom instruction and aids to solidify the learning experience.   RiskTrak Administrator/Advanced Concepts (Typically 1 day) This program provides Senior level training to Key Personnel, who are responsible for providing the internal training/instruction necessary to establish an operational “in-house” capability, for training company personnel in RiskTrak™ Senior level training will provide a comfortable classroom environment focused on our Risk Management process implemented by RiskTrak™ in either the clients facilities, or RTI’s New Hampshire or Washington D.C. facilities.